Jupyter Notebooks

Install through Miniconda

conda install jupyter

Run with jupyter notebook

Nice tutorial here

Let’s see how to save and put notebooks to GitHub

Key python libraries: numpy, scipy, matplotlib and Pandas

Matplotlib example Pandas

R vs Python: ggplot2, plyr, etc.

Python vs and D3

Working with dataframes

Conda & Jupiter notebook

Install conda with bells and whistles

download and install install jupyter: conda install jupyter conda install anaconda-nb-extensions -c anaconda-nb-extensions conda install jupyter_contrib_nbextensions -c conda-forge jupyter notebook

jupyter notebook cheat-sheet

matplotlib example

More bells and whistles

mdanalysis nglview

conda install mdanalysis -c conda-forge conda install nglview -c conda-forge example notebook

seaborn moviepy

Jupyter hub

Multiuser jupyter notebook environment link

Misc info from YouTube

Video about Free software and GNU/Libux history

Video about Free software and GNU/Libux history (russian)